We're delighted to announce that MOB STUDIO is now accepting both wholesale purchases and resellers for our amazing coconut wax candles. Please contact Tam at info@mobstudio.co

Getting to know our coconut candles...

KEEPING IT SIMPLE. Literally, our candles are made from three things: coconut wax, pure essential oil, and unbleached cotton wick. Uncomplicated, isn't it?

ECO FRIENDLY. Coconut trees require no chemical fertilisers to grow and produce up to 200 coconuts a year. This makes them a renewable resource! We ensure that we source our coconut wax only from responsible UK suppliers.

CLEAN LIVING. Toxins are not your friends. If there's one thing we're most proud of about our candles, it would be that they don't contain petrochemicals. We will never use paraffin wax, not even soy wax (and we kinda, sorta, maybe like soy). We will never use fragrance oils either as they contain synthetic ingredients.

Now you know our candles a little bit better. We're looking forward to having you on board!